What your nail shape say about your personality

Whenever you go to the salon to get a mani/pedi, there are probably only two choices that you think about making: if you really need that massage and callous removal for an extra 15 bucks and what color you want your nails.

But think about something else for a sec. When the manicurist is in the process of doing your nails, there’s one more question they usually ask: “What shape do you want your nails?” Sure, you give them an answer, but have you ever stopped to wonder why you may prefer one shape over another?

Apparently, there’s a psychology to everything. Even nails. Someone (somewhere) did a study and revealed that different shapes reveal various things about a woman’s personality.

Are you curious to know what your nail shape says about you?


  1. SQUARE : If you’re an athlete or you spend a lot of time on your laptop, this might be the shape that catches your attention. It’s for the kind of woman who is practical, but also wants her nails to look good. Getting square nails reduces your chances of them breaking in between appointments because they are designed for durability. A woman who has a lot to do and not a ton of time to be worrying about her nails is gonna opt for this.
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  2. OVAL : If you and your mom decided to have a girls day out and get your nails done, she might pick oval. It’s classic and simple, but it still has all of the benefits of a square nail. If you want to be able to use your hands a lot, and still have them look really feminine, this might be the best option for you. (Plus, they look good whether they are long or short!)
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  3. ALMOND : Are you dramatic? You know, in a good way? If so, try the almond shape. Rumor has it that women who are attracted to almond nails are creative people who want to bring “the drama” with their look, but don’t want to worry about clawing their face in their sleep. These nails will let you wear long nails, but the rounded tips will keep you nice and safe.
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  4. STILETTO : Deadly. In the best way possible. That’s the message that stiletto nails send. They’re not the most practical so if you work in the food industry, you have a pet, or you’re a mom, this isn’t the shape you’re after. But if you want to say “I’m sexy and you know it” without opening your mouth, here you go. Stiletto has got you all the way covered.
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  5. BALLERINA : If you like to wear a lot of rings, you’ll love the ballerina look! Have you ever wondered where this particular nail shape got its name? Look at it closely and this shape looks a lot like a ballerina shoe (rounded out on the sides with a square tip at the top). If you consider yourself to be a “girly girl”, you’re gonna be all over this!
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  6. ROUNDED : Do your nails break a lot? Or maybe you’re someone who bites on yours. If that’s the case and you don’t want to put on any tips, rounded might work best for you. This shape makes it possible to keep your nails short and still have them looking manicured. (Yes, please.)
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  7. FLARE : Some people call these “duck nails”. We prefer to go with flare. They are much wider at the tips and are usually created with acrylic nails. When you want to deviate from anything common, you’ll probably try this because they are more unique-looking than some of the other shapes we’ve already mentioned. Clearly

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