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Skincare Mistakes – Every Bride to be Should Avoid

Every young woman dreams of being a glowing bride on her special day. She visualises herself with the perfect outfit, stunning accessories, fabulous make-up, and of course radiant skin. As soon as the wedding date is set, she embarks on a mission with meticulous planning to ensure that she can bring this vision to life.

However, with elaborate marriage planning comes great stress and it’s hard to keep your skin at its best. And, in the quest for dewy, fresh and glowing skin, you could end up making skin care mistakes. Here are five common mistakes that every bride should avoid:



Five Ways To Get Back Your Bridal Glow

Though brides follow diets and are particular about their food intake, many are not aware of the impact of foodstuffs on the pH balance of their body. Foods that lower the pH levels such as carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar, and egg yolks are acidic. While green vegetables, turmeric, chia seeds and lemon are alkalising in nature and help in balancing the pH levels of the body. Imbalanced pH levels result in skin inflammation, extreme sensitivity, and acne break outs. Ensure that your diet has a 70:30 ratio for alkaline to acidic food to maintain the pH balance

Diet for Bridal Glow

Soaps / Cleansers
Cleansers that have a pH level of 9 and above are alkalising and disrupt the protective layer of the skin also known as acid mantle. This results in skin losing the important oils, drying out and getting scaly. Cleansers that are acidic could cause sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. Thus, it is very important to use a pH neutral soap that does not affect the acid mantle of the skin.

Soaps and Cleansers

Facials / Treatments
Very often, the lure for glowing skin is so great that brides-to-be get carried away by facials, peels and chemical treatments that are available. These are a big no – no especially if you have never done them before. Wedding is the most stressful time in anyone’s life, a bad facial while stressed will almost always guarantee a break out. In reality, your quick fixes may be doing more harm than good. Don’t dive into a treatment right before your wedding; instead, stick to gentle, simple products, and use them every day.

Facial Treatments


To protect skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and to keep dullness and tanning at bay, wearing a sunscreen is a must. However many a times, the amount of sunscreen applied is not sufficient to give adequate protection. Apply a dollop of sunscreen on your face. Moreover, sunscreen’s effect generally diminishes after being out in the sun for a couple of hours. You need to reapply the sunscreen every two hours to stay protected for longer.



Skin care actually begins in the shower. Ordinary soaps strip your skin of moisture. Thus, using a mild cleanser enriched with moisturizing cream ensures your skin is being replenished with moisture every time you shower, resulting in healthy glowing skin over time. A good option is using a soap that has 1/4th moisturizing cream and doesn’t dry your skin like ordinary soaps do.


Refrain from making these mistakes and you can make glowing skin yours – not just for the big day, but for long after.

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