Skin care in Monsoon

Skin care in Monsoon

Full of the fond memories of childhood, there is hardly anything we don’t love about rains, the cooling breeze, the piping hot food, the pitter-patter of raindrops against window panes. And who doesn’t love the refreshing fragrance of earth soaked in rainwater, after the excruciating heat of summer. Just like the earth all around us, our very skin feels rejuvenated and refreshed after a soothing shower of fresh rainwater. Yet if not dealt with a little care, there can also be some skin related problems with rains too.  Following is a list of reminders that will make sure you have the best time during rains away from pesky skin issues.

  1. The foremost precaution to take obviously is to keep your skin dry for long hours of the day. The humidity and fading heat from the summer season can result in a lot of sweat, which in turn, can mean several microbes thriving in the folds of your skin. These bacteria are the major cause for irritation and rashes. As far as possible wear only light cotton clothing that will keep absorbing the sweat and help you stay dry.
  2. Add additional scrubbing to your daily baths. This removes excess oil and dirt or grime and discourages the growth of bacteria.
  3. Toning your skin frequently with an alcohol-free toner is also helpful as it can balance the pH balance of the skin and keep it free from diseases.
  4. The prolonged growth of fungus in the folds such as between the toes can result in fissures and bacterial infections. Keeping these parts well moisturized with a little cold cream etc. will keep your skin safe.
  5. If you have an oily skin, keep a cotton cloth handy in your bag or pocket, and make sure to use it. Sprinkling a little rose water on it from time to time will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated too.
  6. The rainy season sun can be a good idea to soak up some vitamin D, avoid sunscreens and instead, apply a little aloe vera gel once in a while. This should heal your skin, keep your pores unclogged, and protect you from the off chance of excessive exposure to UV Rays.
  7. Staying hydrated is extremely important too. Drinking water frequently, sometimes even if you are not feeling all that thirsty. High humidity means a lot of sweat and if your skin does not stay hydrated it can lose immunity.
  8. During monsoons you also need to shampoo your hair more frequently. The sweat and the windy days mean a lot of dirt and grime accumulating on the scalp and can clog the roots of the hair.
  9. Also, dress as light as possible. As discussed above cotton is the best thing to wear, and you need to avoid accessories as much as possible. Germs love body sweat, and jewelry, bracelets, anklets etc, are major causes of the accumulation of sweat.
  10. The humidity is also a major cause of acne and breakout of boils etc. eat as many salads, and fresh fruits, to balance the oily food we tend to eat during rains.
  11. You can apply a lot of excellent skin packs with ingredients right from your kitchen. Turmeric, yogurt, lemons rosewater etc. are your skin’s best friends during this season. Make sure to include them in your diet as well as skin care.
  12. Avoid taking hot baths during the rainy days. As far as possible take a bath with regular water or lukewarm water. Steaming hot water may feel good sometimes but can cause severe skin damage due to weakened capillaries.
  13. Cleansing is important. Keep wiping off the sweat and dirt as frequently as possible. And stay clear from paper towels. No matter what the advertisers say, a dry cotton cloth is a much better tool than paper.
  14. A balanced diet does not mean not enjoying some hot oily food once in a while. Wholesome meals with good fats are essential for healing damaged skin and help with retaining moisture.
  15. Keep your feet dry. If you must wear closed shoes to avoid rainwater, do take them off every once in a while to let the skin of your feet breath. Closed footwear means feet sweat, which will lead to increased fungal and bacterial growth and infections. Waterproof footwear like floaters, and sandals etc, may be a good idea, but it is ok if your job or daily lifestyle does not allow it.

Most importantly, staying dry does not mean to avoid a cold rain shower whenever you have the time. Rainwater is a natural healer of prickly heat, acne, and heat-boils that you may have developed during the summers. Just make sure to air dry yourself whenever you have drenched in the rain.  Stay healthy stay clean and that is all you need to make the best of your rainy season.

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