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Skin Care Advice for Working Women Before Winter

Every weather brings with it a different set of skin care complexities and winters is no different. The dropping temperatures, low humidity level and cold winds leave the skin dry and lifeless. All the worse if you are a working woman.

Corporate Women in Winter

But, the good news is that by including very simple and small steps in your daily life, you can make sure that your skin stays hydrated, moist and glowing all through the winter season.

  1. Say no to hot showers: While we love standing under a hot water shower, the raised temperature strips away the essential oils from the skin, leaving it dry. Switch to lukewarm water, whether it is for your skin or hair.Say No to Hot Shower
  2. Moisturize right after a shower: Keep a bottle of moisturizer or mineral oil handy in the bathroom. Once you have pat dried your body, apply a generous amount of moisturizer or mineral oil on your skin. This will lock in the moisture from the water and prepare your skin for the cold winds outside.Mosturize After Shower
  3. Protect your skin when outdoors: Gloves, scarves, stoles, socks, there are numerous ways to protect every inch of your skin from the weather outside. Make it a habit to carry and wear these things whenever you step out of your home. To be on the safe side, keep an extra set in your office desk drawer.Protect Skin from Outdoor
  4. Install a humidifier: Winter air is dry and the heating system further dries out the environment in your office or home. Make it a point to install a humidifier at least in your bedroom so that your skin keeps getting some moisture.Install A Humidifier
  5. Say no to junk drinks: Winters call for hydration, and we out of temptation look for hot cocoa or a cup of coffee which in excess can cause dehydration. Instead, make it a point to keep sipping lukewarm water all day. Measure the quantity and drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day.Say No to Junk Drinks
  6. Weekend pampering: Weekdays are the busiest, but weekends can be worked upon to ensure your skin gets deep exfoliation. Dry skin accelerates the forming of dead skin which must be exfoliated once in a week.This will allow the skin beneath to breathe and will ensure that all the moisturizer and oil is seeping deep into the skin. Better still,  book salon services for home and relax while the professional takes care of your skin. You can also go for a head massage or hair spa to nourish your hair.

Weekend Pampering

Keep a small bottle of moisturizer handy and use it every time you wash your hands in the office or at home. Follow small and simple Tips to keep your skin glowing  and healthy every winter season.

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