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Post natal care by VLCCvanitycube
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It’s the greatest joy to experience motherhood and after waiting for nine month’s when you hold that little bundle of joy in your arm’s its the most exhilarating feeling.
During earlier times when the joint family concept was still prevalent in India women were lucky to have their mom’s and mom in law’s to help.To add to this were sister’s, cousins and aunts who would fuss around the baby giving the new mother ample time to rest and rejuvenate herself.
Then there were the DAI-MA’S who  knew  exactly what massage to give to get the body back in shape.They ensured your stomach would not become loose hang,the thighs would be firm, the body regained it’s strength ,in short a young mom was given all the attention to get back into shape in those 40 days.

The nine month’s of pregnancy,the hormonal changes,the new responsibility and to top it all a nuclear family often leaves a new mom feeling lost and in coping with her new role.

And we forget the most important person in all this is us .Just like we take care of ourselves during our pregnancy ,fussing over our food,trying to eat right so that the baby get’s the right amount of nutrition it is important that we take care of our bodies post pregnancy.
I am going to share some old age hand me down tips that will nourish your body and mind and make you feel relaxed and beautiful.After all a happy woman makes a happy mother.

Post natal massage

Make sure you take a massage from the 5th or 7th day of the delivery to the 40th.Yes ,you will require that much time for your body to get back in shape.Let your masseur massage very gently on your stomach using clockwise direction never lifting the hands from the body.

Mustard Oil (Sarson ka tel)

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This oil is believed to be warming and helps in the healing process.Some believe it is good for joint pains and blood circulation although the is no scientific evidence to this.You can heat the oil along with some Ajwain Seeds or garlic.The downside of this oil is that you may not like the smell and is difficult to wash off your sheets.
Use a disposable sheet or just keep an old sheet for the massage.Something you don’t mind throwing away later. It’s cheap and easily available in the market.

Coconut Oil (Nariyal ka tel)

Post natal care by VLCC
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Popular choice in South India this oil will work for the summer mom as it is thought to have a cooling and hydrating effects.However ,it will not be recommended by those who believe that heat is needed to recover from child birth.Good thing is does not have a pungent smell and is absorbed by the body.You can also use virgin coconut oil instead of the regular coconut oil.
Best recommended for head massage. Will cool the head and nourish and strengthen your hair.After all post pregnancy does leave us shedding off our beautiful luscious long hair.


Post natal care by VLCCvanitycube
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It is expensive so the best option could be using home made ghee.Warm the ghee and use it.It will not only heal but also make your skin shine.Used by women in ancient India Ghee was the epitome of prosperity and goodness.Also makes your hair thick and beautiful, relaxes the nerves.Rich in antioxidants ghee is said to be good for inflammation and to soothe nerves.These massages should be done for an hour with a gentle hand.

Almond oil

Post natal care by VLCCvanitycube
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The best type of almond oil is if you can procure it directly.More expensive than the other’s it has a nice smell.Believed to relieve muscle pain so those who have gone through hours of  labor pain this is the one for you.It also reduces inflammation and lightens stretch marks.Works great for hair too.Said to strengthen the roots and stimulate hair growth.

Warm Bath’s

Follow the massage with a warm water bath.You can add some ajwain and boil in water.Adding this to your bathing water will help you relax further.Warm water baths were recommended so the new mother would not catch a cold.
Make sure you do a patch test with the oil you want to use to avoid any rash or allergy.Keeping your head covered is also recommended.This was done so the new mother does not catch a cold and pass it on to the baby.

Eat Right

Women were indulged in a lot of ghee rich foods that were said to heal the body internally.The extra tadka on the dal(lentil) was said to add extra strength.A lot of greens should be added to the diet but make sure you add hing to your vegetables to avoid gastric condition s.Dont worry about putting on weight.Eating well will go a long way to ensuring a healthy body.
Always make sure you have your doctor’d permission before you start your postnatal massage.
While you enjoy the joy of motherhood indulge yourself in taking care so your body comes back to its orignal strength and shape.
If you have any queries or want to share your experience on motherhood feel free to write in.
Motherhood is a new phase in life so make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

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