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Makeup Hacks for Small Eyes – Get That Wink Perfect

Eye makeup is something very essential to women as it changes their personality and is the first thing that is being noticed amongst human faces. Since eyes are our mirror to the world, we have to be very expressive with them.

If you have a little small eyes compared to people with vibrant looking big eyes, the pain is real. Too much of black eyeliner and eye shadow, and heavy false lashes are some of the common makeup mistakes for small eyes. But instead, the concept – ‘less is more’ fits perfectly in the context of eye makeup for small eyes.

Having big and beautiful eyes is something most of the women crave for, but unfortunately not many are blessed with it. The shape of the eyes is determined genetically and you cannot do much about it. However, using clever makeup up techniques can make the eyes appear big and beautiful in no time.

makeup for small eyesNakeup Hacks for small eye


Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you achieve the illusion of bigger and wider eyes.

1. Eyebrows:

You need to concentrate on the shape of the eyebrows to get wider eyes. A pair of well-groomed eyebrows can make a tremendous difference in the way the face looks. Hence, it is very important to groom the eyebrows all the time to make the eyes stand out and look larger.

Having brows too close together can make the eyes appear smaller. Same is the case with low and thick eyebrows. Take frequent trips to the salon to keep your brows in good shape. Slightly arched eyebrows can also give an appearance of wide eyes. Try to create an arch as natural as possible.


2. Eye Shadow:

Proper usage of eye shadow can make the eyes appear larger. Choose shades that accentuate the eye colours and other facial features and skin tone. Applying an eye shadow is one of the basic steps to make your eyes look bigger. One must begin with a light shimmery eye shadow applied to the corner of the eyes. This will ensure you do not look sleepy or gloomy or your eyes do not give a droopy impression. Always remember to keep the darker colours away from the tear duct part of your eye.

Eye Shadow

3. Eye Liner:

Eyeliner is used to make the eyes look more prominent. It is the best and one of the easiest ways to get bolder and significant eyes. You have to be very vigilant while selecting the shade of your eyeliner. Select a shade that brings out the colour of the eyes.

Always use a darker shade of eye liner to make your eyes look defined and bigger. Apply the eyeliner on your upper lash, making it thicker once you start moving towards the outer corner of your eye. Try to extend the liner further than your eye size to make it look bigger and better.

Eye Liner

4. Eyelashes:

You can enlarge your eyes by focusing on the lashes. Curling the eyelashes is necessary before applying the mascara. It will help to open up the eyes, making them look bigger. Curl your eyelashes at the lash line, close to the roots, and then curl the middle of the lashes. This will give the lashes a natural, beautiful curl. It is essential to curl three times before applying mascara.


5. Conceal the Dark Circles:

Concealing will not make the eyes appear larger, but will not draw much attention to the eyes.  Dark circles can make the eyes look smaller. So use a concealer to hide the blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

Conceal the Dark Circles

6. Smokey Eyes:

Smokey eye makeup can also make your eyes appear wider. The key is a perfect smoky eye makeup is blending. You can create sultry and smoky eye makeup by using one or multiple colours. Apply the eye shadow with one brush and then blend it using another clean brush. This will keep it tidy, giving you the gorgeous eye makeup.

Smokey Eye

7. Highlight the Key Areas:

To shift focus on key areas, use highlighter on areas prone to get a shadow effect and make eyes appear bigger such as area under the brow bone, around the bridge of the nose and around tear duct.

The above are the some of the easiest tips for your smaller eyes to look beautiful subtle and big. Try now and look beautiful.

Highlight the Key Areas

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