Hair care in Monsoon

Hair care in Monsoon

Hair probably bears the worst effects of the rainy season. Grimy, sweaty and inconvenient, hair can get pretty unmanageable during rains. Of course, no one will tell you not enjoy the rains, or stay holed up in your home during the beautiful season of romance, but it is always advisable to be a little careful and enjoy all the goodness f the rainy season. Our list of hair care tips during rains is sure to come in handy.

  1. Keep your hair as dry as possible

While you must never stop yourself from having a good time during a drizzle, rainwater in the city sometimes can dirty or mildly acidic, which can prove to be really bad for the hair. Do apply organic oils such as coconut or almond oil after a rain shower, and you should be just fine. If you can’t apply the oil right away, which will be the case most of the times, at least wash your hair with regular water before letting it dry, this should wash away any excess rainwater, and give you enough time to go home for a shampoo and oil massage.

  1. Shampoo at least twice in a week

Choose any mild, deep cleansing shampoo available in the market according to your hair type. The residual rainwater, the sweat, and the dirt, which is a result of the windy outside, need to be washed away, thoroughly to ensure healthy hair roots. Undernourished, dry hair tends to get frizzy and rough during monsoon and using a good shampoo is extremely important. You must always shampoo thoroughly around the roots to prevent any bacterial growth or fungal infections.

  1. Warm oil massages are good for your overall health

A good hair oil massage has no better substitute for your hair and scalp. For a natural boost in the moisture of your hair, and revitalized dry strands, warm coconut or almost oil is like the very elixir of life. Organic oils are the best deep conditioners too, and keep your hair immune against minor damages, and keep you relaxed mentally too.

  1. Let it loose

If your hair is wet with rainwater, do never tie it before at least washing with regular water and drying off a little. Tying your hair with rainwater in it will only make it rougher and frizzier. Sometimes if you can’t keep a loose hair, tie it only in a loose ponytail or a loose bun.

  1. Invest in some waterproof gear

Investing some money in some good quality raincoats, jackets or hoodies etc, is always a good idea. Choose a piece with light construction so that it is not too much of a burden to carry around.

  1. Comb your hair as regularly as possible

Combing your hair with a wide tooth comb after a light oil massage can be extremely relaxing and undeniably good for your hair and scalp. It will help straighten and untangle frizzy hair and also lightly condition your hair too.

  1. Conditioning is important

You can couple the combing with light conditioning too. Just apply a little conditioner to your hair, and comb your way to lush, lustrous healthy hair. Do make sure to apply conditioners a little away from the root of your hair, as it may clog the pores on the scalp. A wide-toothed comb, like we mentioned above can spread the conditioner evenly all over your hair.

  1. The right kind of food is essential for the health of your hair and skin

Other then the external support from cosmetics and shampoos etc, the health of your body needs to be maintained from within. Your hair follicles can be strengthened with protein-rich foods and an addition of iron and good omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. A few examples of such foods is fish, nuts, leafy vegetables and yogurt etc.

  1. Style your hair according to the weather

Shorter hair is naturally easier to maintain. Or you could tie your hair in a tight bun, and wear a stylish hat or cap to keep it safe from rainwater too.

  1. Nature has all the answers

You can always make several effective concoctions with natural ingredients from your kitchen. For example a combination of diluted vinegar and coconut oil, or plain natural yogurt mixed with diluted apple cider, or just regular beer diluted with some water with a few drops of lemon etc. can be excellent healers of damaged hair.

The rainy season is full of relish able and happy moments. A solitary stroll in a light drizzle or the smell of a book coupled with the fragrance of earth soaked in rainwater or just listening to raindrops while sipping a cup of hot masala chai. Do enjoy as many of these experiences as you can and let these little tips take care of your hair woes without any additional hardwork.

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