Bridal Makeup

It is said that the wedding day is the most memorable day of a woman’s life. And isn’t it only natural, since it is the day when everyone is wishing you the best, showering you with their choicest blessings, and every eye is upon you. For this loving attention, it is only justified then, that you pay the utmost attention to your bridal look for the big day. Following are few tips to make the best out of your Dulhan Makeup.

Makeup Tips

  1. Eyes: 
  • It may be difficult, but make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep the day before. Puffy eyes and too much stress can ruin any make up you may put.
  • If you wear lenses, make sure you wear them before the makeup. This should ensure that your make up is not ruined if your eyes water while wearing them.
  • Old mascara can clot and flake. Do use only new mascara, and always go for a water proof one.
  1. Lips:
  • Use a dark shade of red for your lipstick, if you have lush and fuller lips. A dark shade of red or maroon is will highlight the perfect contours of your lips. A soft pink or peach shade is a good idea if you have delicate and thin baby lips.
  • Gloss must be moderate irrespective of the shape of your lips
  1. Hair:
  • Most Indian brides have their head covered and hence it is a good idea to style your hair as comfortable as possible.
  • You can revive the natural luster of your hair, by some homemade packs and deep conditioning masks in the month before your big day.
  • If you have thick, lush hair, avoid fake curls and let your natural hair be styled instead. if, however, you have thin hair, or weak roots, you may use artificial extensions etc, but make sure the hair style is not too tight or with too many twists. This can get rather difficult with the weight of your bridal drape.
  1. Face:
  • Go for herbal/organic make up as far as possible, if you are not too much into makeup on a regular basis, one day of bridal make up can have unpleasant reactions on the skin.
  • Stay away from the afternoon sun for a few weeks before the wedding. Give your skin time to heal itself from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Drink enough water, and detoxify with regular steaming a few weeks before the wedding day too.
  • Do exfoliate your face before the makeup is applied. This should revive your natural youthful skin and shall reduce the need for too much blending.
  • Hold a steady smile while applying the blush. This little tip can make the blush look much more natural.
  • Always use a foundation that is free of SPF. It is important because foundation with SPF tend to appear flashy in the photographs making you look unnatural and artificial.

Wedding Makeup: Some Significant Reminders

  1. You are more important than the makeup.

Your family and friends will have gathered to see you all bright and happy on your special day. Therefore it is important that you use the make up only to complement your natural beauty and not to completely change your features. Talk to your makeup artist about not overdoing the makeup and only enhance your natural features and give them a slightly aesthetic brush up. Make sure there is nothing too outrageously artificial.

  1. You are beautiful, with or without the makeup.

It is true. Every woman is beautiful in her own special way. Your bridal makeup should not cover who you really are.  Do choose the right kind of makeup package, which suits your personality even if it may be slightly out of the trend. Remember your beauty does not depend on artificial makeup materials.

  1. Between comfort and artistry, always go for comfort.

This especially stands for bridal hairstyle. An Indian wedding is an elaborate affair that can go on for several hours at a stretch. Feel free to tell your hair stylist to style your hair in a way that is not too acutely tight. Given that you may need to drape a heavy pallu/dupatta on your head too, a hairstyle that has too many pins, and twists and curls, can give you a severe headache. And in the long hours of ceremonies, rituals and family gatherings, all of that discomfort is sure to reflect on your pretty face even through all the makeup.

Your wedding celebration is a time for creating life long memories, and meeting the people who you will share your life with. It is important to stay natural, comfortable and genuinely positive about your appearance, and emotional well-being. Moderation and gentility will add to the charm of your bridal attire much more than anything else. Remember you are a very beautiful person. Here is wishing you all the best for your married life.

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