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Prepping up for the wedding season? Weddings are all about celebration, and they usually begin with a mehandi function, followed by a haldi ceremony. The Haldi ceremony is perhaps one of the most fun-filled and extravagant pre-wedding rituals popular in Indian weddings. The whole process resembles a carnival-esque afternoon and can be the most amusing of all wedding rituals to an outsider.

Why Mehandi?
The mehandi paste has henna as it’s major component. It is popular belief that the application of henna helps reduce stress and lowers the body temperature, helping it to relax and rejuvenate itself. The bride very much needs this relaxation on the night before her wedding, owing to all the tension and stress that she’d be experiencing.

Why haldi?

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A haldi ceremony is considered ideal the night before the wedding since haldi (or turmeric, as popularly known) is an anti bacterial, anti fungal, natural moisturizer,and enhances the texture of the skin, giving it a natural glow.

Checklist for your haldi function:

  1. The ubtaan:
    Rosemilk, sandalwood, turmeric and curd are mixed together to obtain the desired consistency. These simple yet effective ingredients will rejuvenate your skin, giving it a smooth texture and a flawless glowing skin.
  2. Light shaded elegant clothes:
    Opt for light shaded clothes that you probably won’t wear again. Turmeric is known to leave permanent stains, and you wouldn’t want to soil your new outfit with a turmeric patch or stain. Also, go light with jewellery. This function is meant to relax you and it’s all about the bride, i.e you. Wear something comfortable, and enjoy being pampered by all your Loved ones 🙂

3.Light music and a cool DJ:
This ceremony involves the bride sitting down for several hours, covered with the ubtaan. The only entertainment quotient of this ceremony will be a cool DJ who can play songs to suit the mood of the gathering. That will also introduce some casual dancing, lighting up the mood and making the ceremony even more fun.

    1. Other materials:
      You’ll need a small stoolto sit on, while the ubtaan is being applied on you. Other materials like an auspicious threadand mango leaves to apply the ubtaan would change according to regional practices.
    2. Mehandi:

You can either buy ready-made cones from the market

or prepare your own henna paste and fill it into cones for easy application. Ready made cones come in different colors (red and black are quiet common) and offer brighter, darker shade. However, if you wish to go organic, opt for home made cones.Choose a nice outdoor location, with a breath of fresh air. Rangolis will give the place a traditional makeover, and you can opt for colorful flowers and lights to decorate the place. Preferable to keep the decoration minimal.

Most importantly, opt for organic unadulterated turmeric. You definitely cannot risk a skin infection or allergy the day before your wedding!!

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